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DeNet.Box is a data storage technology that allows companies to store more data on their own resources with maximum safety and profitability.

DeNet.Box software joins the free disk spaces of all company computers and forms internal cloud storage.

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Unprecedented level of
protection and fault tolerance

working speed

DeNet.BOX is suitable for monitoring:

It also supports work in any environment: Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid.


Security. Excludes any third-party access to data. System algorithms use decentralization and file encryption methods. Data cannot be read even if the device is removed.

Impossible to hack and steal information. Protection from hackers.

Multiple data backups. All data is retained even if one of the network computers fails.

Economically advantageous. Ten times cheaper than cloud storage.

The entire network belongs to you. Reliable and secure access.

Increases the efficiency of the company's own resources.

Caring for the environment. Using existing resources instead of building new data centers.

Not subject to the law on the storage of personal data.


How exactly is the data protected in DeNet.Box?

Each file is divided into parts, each fragment is encrypted and distributed for storage to multiple devices. As a result, there is no single device that stores the entire file. Each device stores only the code which is a fragment of the file.

Data is backed up multiple times. All information is retained even one of the computers on the network will have a system failure or physical loss, because pieces of data are replicated on several devices.

Data stored using DeNet.Box technology cannot be read by third parties even if the one or all devices are seized.

Target audience

Companies whose priority is data privacy, security and safety. Because DeNet.Box provides the highest level of data protection.

Companies that currently store data in the cloud. Because DeNet.Box is cheaper.

This technology can be used as a narrow solution for storing archives, confidential files of an enterprise, and widely for general use by all employees, regardless of the workload of a personal PC.

Find out how much storage your company can create.



The DeNet.Box service was implemented at JSC Polimatiz (a subsidiary of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim, part of TAIF Group – the largest petrochemical holding in Eastern Europe).

On 32 computers of the enterprise, 9787 GB (9.8 TB) of idle capacity were detected. DeNet system architects have combined the free space of all computers into the cloud and created a secure data storage with a capacity of 3200GB (3.2TB).

DeNet.Box will allow Polymatiz to increase the efficiency of using its own resources, as well as significantly save finances – the company will not have to purchase new equipment when the load increases.

The project was implemented in 2018.

Speed test:

Device: Asus NoteBook. Core-i3 7 gen, 8GB Ram

Size Action Time Speed
100 MB Encryption and upload to 3 nodes 1 minute 10 sec ~1.43 MB/s
1 GB Encryption and upload to 3 nodes 13 minutes 30 sec ~1.26 MB/s
100 MB Download and decryption 17 sec ~5.88 MB/s
1 GB Download and decryption 3 minutes 11 sec ~5.5 MB/s

Easy and simple to install and maintain


  • Identifying free disk space
  • Installing a Web application on a server
  • Installing the blockchain on the server (if necessary)
  • Creating a DNS record for a WEB application
  • Installing applications on client devices

Today, for most companies, there are legal restrictions on the use of services that store data outside the country of residence. There are a number of requirements for the storage of personal data. DeNet.BOX eliminates all complications associated with legal restrictions, because:

  • The data is stored on the territory of the resident himself.
  • Due to the fact that files are split into parts and encrypted, the user (node) stores the set of bytes, which is not a file. This allows you to bypass the legal requirements related to the storage of complete data.
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