Want to make money doing nothing? – DeNet
Want to make money doing nothing?
Oct 08 - 2018
You can start small. For example, to earn on traffic, the processor and free space of the computer.

Mysterium https://mysterium.network/ and Privatix https://privatix.io/. Do not turn off the modem at night, and these services will be able to sell unused Internet connection traffic to companies that offer VPN or CDN services. Network bandwidth can also be used by users who need different IP addresses for businesses.

Golem https://golem.network/, SONM https://sonm.io/, iEX.ec https://iex.ec/. Anyone can help science. To do this, you need to rent free processor power. Companies need them to solve complex calculations, for example, to study alien life, analyze asteroids or find a cure for serious diseases.

DeNet https://denet.pro/denet-node/. We pay for using free space on your devices and storing other users’ files on them. Join us!

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