Oct 08 - 2018
One year has passed since we stepped on DeNet path. Do you remember how in 2017 we launched the first version of http distributed hosting – https://alpha.denet.pro/?

We worked hard to achieve the goals we specified in RoadMap during this year. And this is what we have by now:

– Own Ethereum Testnet
– Micro-payments on blockchain
– Updated smart-contracts of tasks
– Own protocol of communication between nodes
– Beta-version of DeNet.Storage data storage that is anonymous, safe and cheap – https://storage.denet.pro/landing/

Each member of a network can upload his data to a distributed network of miners: DeNet.Storage. Registration is very simple: create a new account or import an existing one. No logins, email and more. Only a private key that is kept in your browser.

Node App Alpha-version – an app for renting capacities out (available for Linux and Mac OS. Windows-version is on the way) – https://denet.pro/denet-node/

Now you can install a node for mining DNET tokens and become a public/verifying node within DeNet network.
You need a PC with 256 mb RAM and internet with a speed of 1 mbit/s minimum. Now a public app is available for Mac OS, versions for Linux and Windows are on their way.
Join us, earn on idle capacities of your computer, and become part of DeNet community!

So what?

Now we have an app for miners and an app for users; that’s why we work on expanding the audience and improvement of services for DNET token is used as much as possible within our network.

Why does it matter?

Tokens value increases with growing demand on services within DeNet network. It means that the same amount of tokens will let you get more services tomorrow than it used to be yesterday.

For example:

DeNet network turnover in petabytes – up to 300
How many TB you can store for 300 tokens per month? Up to 10.
Up to 3,000 – up to 100.

Buy tokens now: when we develop a turnover of 3,000 petabytes, you will be able to get ten times more capacities than today.

Take part in fundraising

We spare no effort to make private and safe data storage available to everyone. Join token sale to support us and become part of DeNet community.

Our presale starts at 9:00am GMT on October 1st, 2018 – https://denet.pro/fund/.

Our goal

The goal of this stage of token sale is to raise funds for further improvement of the development, full-fledged launch of services on the scheduled date and entry in South Korean and Russian markets.

Conditions of token sale

There is no minimum entry threshold.
The exchange rate is fixed at the moment of payment.
Maximum threshold: USD 100,000 (if above USD 100,000 – you become participant of a closed presale and receive bonuses)

Main token sale will be different: without regular bonuses. The bonus system will be used only during the October presale.
Further token sale will be presented in a new way – we will inform you about it in detail later on.

We offer the most advantageous conditions for tokens purchase to participants of a closed presale that is going on now. Contact us to get a personal offer: [email protected] or in telegram @SIRafik. Private sale conditions are valid till the end of October 2018.

Check for updates on our website and in social networks, invite your friends to join DeNet network!

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