New date for our pre-sale and token sale – DeNet
New date for our pre-sale and token sale
Jun 29 - 2018
After long and careful discussions we’ve come up to the conclusion that it would be better to set a new date for our pre-sale and token sale, in order for our users to get a more properly prepared product, which is completely ready for use.

Certainly, we understand the community concern about prolonged terms, but as a bonus for waiting, all participants will get tokens of a more stable and reliable company with a ready-to-go solution.

Here is more good news – starting from the 2nd of July you’ll be able to try a new, refined and more user-friendly version of DeNet Storage! We are constantly working on improving our product and we want to be sure that when it’s time for the token sale our services will be no less than great!

The date will be announced after discussion with DeNet community.

P.S. We will fix the best exchange rate between 1st of June and and the start of token sale crypto/usd to all 3 day presale contributors.

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