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Oct 28 - 2019
Dear friends, we are currently engaged in Denet Box, our product for business. We do not forgot about followers – Denet Global, a marketplace of applications and storage based on Denet storage, is being prepared for launch.

That is, in addition to the usual data storage, decentralized and absolutely secure, on our platform the user will be able to use any applications integrated on our site. The data of this application and the files that are processed by this application will be stored and processed in one place under full protection. The user opens the application from the phone or any other device, including via the web, and launches a third-party application inside our application. For example, using anonymous messengers with storage of correspondence and photos inside Denet (Analogue of WatsApp, Instagram), working with documents and document storage (Analogue of Office) inside Denet app.


We thank our followers for their patience and hope you enjoy our product. Does not matter whether you are a company or just an advanced user who is worried about the safety of storing their data. We will make a universal solution for you for your home, work or business.

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