DeNet completed Denet.BOX testing with companies of Tatarstan
Oct 25 - 2019
DeNet completed Denet.BOX testing with companies of Tatarstan: TAIF-NK, ASG Group, CIT and ICL

It-company DeNet launched the finished version of the DeNet.BOX cloud storage in large regional companies of Tatarstan. We received positive feedback and a request to enable the Share function (the ability to share downloaded files and create shared folders).

DeNet.BOX cloud storage is suitable for small businesses and large corporations. A month ago, all beta tests were completed, which showed the quality of the storage. A number of personal requests were received to launch the implementation in test companies.

DeNet.Box storage features for corporate use:

– Optimization of company resources. The enterprise’s private virtual cloud will optimally and flexibly manage infrastructure resources, while the customer receives full control over the downloaded files, round-the-clock technical support and a high level of availability.

– Guaranteed information security. DeNet.Box is one of the most secure cloud storage services on the market today. The downloaded information is divided into many parts, encrypted, and only after that is sent to the store.

– Cost saving. The company is not required to purchase equipment and everything is formed on the company’s own infrastructure.


We are currently discussing enterprise integration in the first quarter of 2020.


You can check the test version here:

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