News Update: Denet.Box for entities and home cloud
Mar 03 - 2019
Dear Denet followers! We have not published our news recently. Many things happened in this difficult for cryptocurrencies time: our team became stronger and we continue working despite market fluctuations. Our focus is b2b segment now.

As you remember in 2018 we started implementing Denet.Box in one of the TAIF Group plants.

In November 2018 we became residents of IT Park Kazan.
In the beginning of this year we finished testing and implementing Denet.Box, and we have got five extra spots for starting this technology. Denet.Box is a local version for distributed data storing on company’s devices. We also had a meeting with Huawei representatives. And now we discuss development of family storage.

Today we are focused on Denet.Box service, we develop it along with the main (global) DeNet. It allows us to get big global clients as well as big global consumers of idle capacities.

For individuals Denet.Box can become a home cloud: you just connect all your devices to DeNet and you use all your local capacities for 0.99$ per month per device. You can earn 0.99$ a month by leasing 100GB per month to the global net, so you will get free storage and you will help the net.

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