Massive attack
Oct 25 - 2018
A week ago we wrote that scientists work to store information in DNA. And at the weekend news came out that Massive Attack group decided to reissue its album in the form of a spray with a synthetic DNA, to which the audio tracks are encoded.

According to Wired, the musicians and the scientists translated the album copies into a sequence of 920,000 DNA fragments: they converted the binary 0s and 1s into a quaternary code – with adenine representing 00, cytosine representing 01, guanine representing 10 and thymine representing 11.

The resulting DNA resembles natural DNA in every way, although it contains no useful genetic information.”

According to band member Robert Del Naj, storage of data in DNA allows to archive music for hundreds to even thousands of years. However, there is no device to listen to the music from DNA, and the very coding of digital into DNA cost the insane amount of $650,000 for 20mb of data.

Generally speaking, we have a less meaningless and merciless decision. Yes, we cannot promise that your data will be stored at DeNet for hundreds of years, but it will definitely cost you less.

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