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Oct 12 - 2018
Decentralized cloud services are rapidly gaining in popularity. DeNet, along with Storj, Sia, Filecoin and Substratum, competes for the share of this market. The services work differently, but they all are based on the same approach – decentralization.

Storj. One of the first projects in the market. Now the company can boast the community of 20 thousand users and 19 thousand keepers. Despite the positioning, the service uses a unified central hub that controls the platform, contrary to blockchain principles.

Sia. During the year the project has grown from 75 to 1,000 hosts, from 500 TB to 3,3 PB of available storage. User-friendly interface, which is important. But awfully sloooooooooooooow.

Filecoin. The startup seemed promising and attracted investments of $250 mln. But the company demonstrated no developments during the year.

Substratum. The project attracted large investments – $13.8 mln. But the company released only an alpha-version of an application that substitutes a DNS-server address to a different one. Half a year has passed, but basic functionality is not implemented still. Meanwhile, the cost of the company’s products is growing.

There is Maidsafe, but it has no launched application. There is Sonm, but there is no working product. There is Golem, but it has no dynamic data storage.

We have taken into account all pros and cons of the competitors and developed a fully decentralized system. We have already released a beta-version of a DeNet.Storage data storage and an alpha-version of a Node App. Already now you can test our cloud service and support our development, taking part in token sale

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