We launched an application to rent a hard drive
Sep 07 - 2018
Today there are about 4 billion computers with over 500 Exabyte of free space in the world. If all those capacities are placed on USB flash drives of 64 gigabyte each, one can lay a road to the Moon!

DeNet suggests to more rationally use these resources. The company creates a decentralized eco-system using blockchain-technologies for data storage, hosting of websites and applications and other computational tasks.
DeNet solutions, based on a concept of sharing economy, will let millions of people all over the world not only rent out idle capacities of their computers and earn on it, but become part of a global society, influencing development of data storage technology.

To join DeNet network (, you need a PC with 256 Mb RAM and internet with a speed of 1 mbit/s minimum. Now the application works on Linux and Mac OS.

Cloud storage market volume grows by almost 30 % per year and will approach about USD 100 billion by 2022. Several major players, such as Dropbox, Google, Yandex and, own the market now.

If a decentralized storage can capture even a small percentage of this market, it will be a big industry.
Today DeNet, Storj, Sia, Filecoin, Substratum and more are already competing for share of this market. Different platforms work differently. But regardless of the approach, decentralized storage is a rapidly growing industry and the future is promising for any project that can improve the technology.

To prove the idea’s operability, in the end of 2017 DeNet presented an alpha-version of a shared static hosting; and a pre-beta version of DeNet.Storage – in July 2018. The final versions will be released in 2019.

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