How to create a secure password and not to forget it
Sep 04 - 2018
Today we are going to tell you how to create a password to hack which it will take a couple of hundred years.

Use different symbols: numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and punctuation marks. Let the password be long – over 12 symbols. Remember that a password composed of words is easier to hack.

Use nursery rhymes, poems, memorable dates and slang as a basis.

If you have chosen a text, write out the first letters of each word. Use an uppercase letter, if it goes first in a sentence. Replace some letters with numbers similar in writing, e.g. “0” instead of “o”.

If you have taken a certain date as a basis, replace punctuation marks separating day/month/year with any letter, e.g. “I”. Zeros in a password may be substituted by letter “o”. Place any punctuation mark or an underscore between the figures. Remember that it shouldn’t be anything obvious — your wedding anniversary won’t go, while your cat’s birthday is quite suitable.

Create an individual password for each account. Even a secure password shouldn’t be used for all social networks. If one of your accounts will be suddenly hacked, the others will be hacked as well.

If you often forget your passwords, use special services:

They generate secure passwords and keep them. In this case you will have to remember the only password from your account at this service.

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