DeNet launches bug bounty in DeNet.Storage
Aug 23 - 2018
DeNet will pay rewards for detected holes in the security of DeNet.Storage, a data storage service.

Send a message about bugs to a telegram bot @DeNetBugBountybot and follow the instruction

We will gratify any person who informs us about the bugs which can lead to a cyber breach or information anonymity corruption.

Rewards measures

Remote Code Execution
from 5 714 Dnet tokens (200 USD) for minor bugs to 142 857 tokens (5 000 USD) for great holes

from 7 143 Dnet tokens (250 USD)

from 7 143 Dnet tokens (250 USD)

Unauthorized access
from 286 Dnet tokens (10 USD). In case if a possibility to access someone else’s files detected — from 142 857 Dnet tokens (5 000 USD)

If any other holes are detected — from 100 Dnet tokens (3.5 USD). The reward measure depends on the bug severity and reports quality. The reward goes to the first person informing about a hole after its confirmed. Withdrawals are available for balance more than 50 tokens.

How to participate

To participate in the bug bounty — send a message about bugs to a telegram bot @DeNetBugBountybot and follow the instruction.

Your application status information is available in “My reports”. To know about the reward credited you can in your application profile. We will publish the report about the corrected bugs, programme participants and reward measures weekly.

DeNet.Storage is a decentralized data storage. Pieces of information are encrypted and allocated to multiple independent hubs.To avoid a cyber breach and provide security of data blockchain technology is used. With the help of DeNet.Storage is easy to maintain personal and commercial data protection and to reduce expenses for the storage of large information volumes. The login system includes a private key and ECDSA digital signatures that guarantees anonymity and safety.

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