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Aug 20 - 2018
I have worked with over 135 ICOs to date, DeNet has great potential to be another successful project.
DeNet offer a new potential solution for storing information, this could change the concept of information security on the Internet.

Importantly too they already have two MVP products — which is vital to demonstrate proof of the working capacity of the idea. These are and These services can be really useful for companies and people for whom data confidentiality is vital.

As we all know there have been many data leaks recently which clearly demonstrate the problems with existing security approaches.

Many markets and industries are at risk because their data is stored in one place, which is too risky as a way to operate.

DeNet services can be used for storing and hosting information. They also understand the importance of being simple and convenient, and private. Registration in the DeNet.Storage does not require personal data, even an email address, which is an interesting and different approach to conventional methods.

In the future, we will hopefully see the application of this technology into banking, e-commerce, medicine, insurance, robotics. So there is great potential for the growth of this idea and the business proposition behind it.

This is an interesting approach to trying to leverage the value of the sharing economy.

There are about 4 billion computers in the world today. Over the past 5 years, 1.4 billion computers have been sold. Most of them have underutilized capacities, it could be possible to make money from them.

Millions of people around the world are already using the Airbnb rental service, the BlaBlaCar travel companion, the Uber taxi order service and other sharing services, DeNet could offer a similar opportunity for investors and users.”

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