DeNet proves the cybersecurity
Jul 10 - 2018
DeNet is going to prove the sustainability of its products with the help of the world’s first holistic blockchain-based cybersecurity platform, Naoris. This test will be a key feature in DeNet’s global strategy, which focuses on security guarantees for its platform and for every user in the DeNet network.

Naoris’ vision is to revolutionize the way in which cybersecurity is thought about and delivered around the world. Its infinitely scalable platform, the Naoris Security Ecosystem (Naoris SE), leverages the unique benefits of blockchain technologies and the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to offer near-instantaneous detection and reporting of cyber threats, facilitating a consensually approved fix action without the need to rely on a central point of failure to command changes. Naoris’ technology is a perfect solution for DeNet’s ecosystem for data storage and web-hosting.

Naoris will examine DeNet’s durability and will prove that decentralized services are much safer than any existing centralized solution. A team of industry professionals, led by David Carvalho, an experienced Global Chief Information Security Officer, will audit DeNet’s platform accordingly until December 2018.

“Our supreme goal is to provide everyone with a safe, reliable and completely secure network for global data hosting and storage. By applying Naoris’ real-time anonymous tamper-proof assurance into the DeNet system, we are bringing a powerful solution that proves an unprecedented level of security for our data-storage and web-hosting platform, while ensuring maximum trust on the system” — says Rafik Singatullin, CEO DeNet.

At the moment DeNet has two minimum viable working products, which demonstrate the functionality and usability of decentralized blockchain-based system. Users are able to test DeNet.Storage and alpha-version of web-hosting at their official site. The company is constantly working on developing and improving its products and plans to roll out ready-to-go products by 2019. Naoris will provide a senior inspection, which will help DeNet build a powerful system of trust.

“We are seeing that the blockchain, for the first time ever, is reimagining cybersecurity and addressing the recurring defect in current solutions of a single central point of failure within growing networks. Current cloud networks are increasingly susceptible to cyber intrusions for companies holding vast amounts of user data. Therefore, robust cybersecurity solutions are crucial for companies such as DeNet, as its data storage and hosting capabilities expand.

We are pleased to sign this agreement with DeNet, a decentralized blockchain platform whose vision is complementary to Naoris. We are undertaking a comprehensive audit in order to support the considerable cybersecurity requirements of DeNet’s platform. We look forward to working together with DeNet and continuing to grow our relationship” — says David Carvalho, Founder & CEO Naoris.

About DeNet:

DeNet — is an international provider company that is developing a blockchain based platform, which unites computers and servers all over the world into a network to provide decentralized web hosting services, as well as safe and secure data storage and data processing. The company aims to create decentralized hosting and routing plans, DNS and other network elements from a centralized ownership, ensuring autonomy of the network. DeNet was one of the first to test its minimum viable product (alpha-version on public test since November 2017). Please visit for more information.

About Naoris:

Launched in 2018, Naoris is the world’s first holistic blockchain-based cybersecurity platform. Its objective is to move cybersecurity to the next level and redefine the way it is thought about and delivered. By leveraging the benefits of blockchain-based technologies and AI, Naoris delivers hyper-resilience, hyper-detection and hyper-response. For the first time, the larger a network grows, the more secure is becomes.

At its core Naoris has developed proprietary technologies to create its platform, Naoris Security Ecosystem (Naoris SE), which is infinitely scalable and agnostic to device or operating system.

Naoris’ management team and advisory board are made up of proven blue-chip cyber security and blockchain experts with an in-depth knowledge of the issues that governments, organisations and individuals face.

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