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Real decentralized hosting for the sharing economy
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From 20.01.18 (v 1.2)
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- marketplace platform based on blockchain technology, providing:
Single-stop secure decentralized web hosting service
Services to rent out personal processing power for profit
White Paper vol 2.5
real opportunities
Each person, organization and community has the right to have their information secure from third parties. All data and information in DeNet is stored in an encrypted state, furthermore there is no administrator - each website’s information is controlled only by the owner. Data storage is completely secure. The website’s files will be allocated on many servers in order to minimize the risk of errors and or data loss as well site crashes.
payment system
There are no extra hidden costs that go to an intermediary or subscription fees - only costs for services provided. Hosting a website in the DeNet network will be significantly cheaper than the current hosting market price thanks to decentralization and no constant or variable limitations.
Hosting for "dummies".
The simplest hosting ever
Completely clear and concise mechanism which is accessible to all users, regardless of their level of skill or knowledge. To work with a website using DeNet hosting the only thing necessary is a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc.), there is no need to download any extra apps to your device.
Business in the
sharing economy
Owners of server equipment can connect their personal processing powers into the system and rent them out to denet clients generating passive income in the process.
Tech Paper vol 2.5
Rafik Singatullin
Olga Belonozhko
Pavel Litvyakov
Amir Malikov
Business development
Maria Titova
Kirill Nikolaev
Adviser, Switzerland
Victor Michaelson
Adviser, Canada
Jim Blasko
Adviser, USA
Simon Cocking
Adviser, Ireland
Dave Carlson
Adviser, USA
David Hwang
Adviser, South Korea
Andrei Kulik
Adviser, Switzerland
Andrey Bogomolov
Adviser, USA
Enrique Martinez
Adviser, USA
Vasily Sumanov
Adviser, Russia
Denis Shelestov
Iskander Nizamov
Project manager
Danis Sabitov
Core Developer,
backend, security
Adil Amirov
Core Developer,
backend, security
Faeel Zaripov
Core Developer,
backend, security
Anton Polikasov
Core Developer,
devops, miner-apps
Ramazan Mardigallyamov
Meret Danatarov
Front-end Developer
Why DeNet uses tokens
Tokens are implemented as a universal currency for all network users regardless of their location or origin. Tokens help everyone make sure that all micro transactions are fast and traceable.
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How DeNet is different?
  • DeNet is the only blockchain-startup that has a web hosting Minimum Viable Product
  • DeNet invests in research and in MVP to prove that our platform will work and create value
  • In order to work with a website using DeNet hosting there is no need to download any extra apps to your device. The only thing is necessary is a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc.)

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181 Johnston Road,Wan Chai.