Multichain ecosystem based on a decentralized storage

Access storage for files, NFTs and all dApps you need in crypto



Multichain ecosystem based on a decentralized storage

Access storage for files, NFTs and all dApps you need in crypto

Unlimitted and private
Powerful and simple

Our mission

DeNet changes a habitual view on data storage

We create an alternative to traditional cloud services within a concept of sharing economy

Today there are about 4 billion computers in the world, on which more than 500 exabytes of space are free. If you put these capacities on 64-gig flash drives, you can lay out the road to the Moon from them. DeNet offers to use these resources more rationally - to rent them out for data storage, hosting and other computing tasks.

  • The alpha version of DeNet.Hosting was tested and certified in 2018.
  • The first public test of DeNet.Storage took place in 2019.
  • At the moment, a completely updated second version of DeNet.Storage is on the public testnet.

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Unlimitted and private
Powerful and simple

what is Denet

The basis on which our ecosystem is building

DeNet's concept is based on the use of unoccupied storage space on users' computers for a system of decentralized hosting and storage. Users can earn DFILE tokens as rewards for sharing their computer storage space.

  • ProofOfStorage algorithm - Storage data is encrypted with public keys and sent proofs are based on the network's latest blocks.
  • Multitoken - Users who need storage and hosting space can pay for it in any ERC-20 standard tokens.
  • Decentralized - The system is truly decentralized as it involves users' computers distributed accross the globe.
  • Optimized - The system's operation is completely optimized and it requires a minimum number of calls to the blockchain.
  • Accessible - The entry treshold is extremely low as there are no minimum system and hardware requirements.
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MVP Distributed network
Principle of network operation


Storage Market

By 2025, the volume of stored information in the world will increase to 173 zettabytes, which will increase the volume of the cloud storage market to $ 137 000 000 000

Storage Volume
graph storage market


Cloud service market

In 2020, spending on cloud services grew by 32%. Growth will continue, with total costs reaching $ 1,235 billion in 2025 — + 430% by 2020

Cloud Service Costs
graph cloud service market
storage screenshot mobile storage screenshot


use case

Decentralized storage

The decentralized storage model is based on the use of unoccupied storage capacities on personal computers accross the world.


use case

App Market

DeNet App Market offers completely decentralized hosting for developers of various dApps required for Web 3.0. based on Openeconomic 3.0

dfile tokens


use case

Storage Farming

Users providing and using storage space are rewarded in DFILE, the proprietary token of the DeNet system.


Rafik Singatullin
Successfully passed his professional path from the builder, co...
Denis Shelestov
Author of the idea and main DeNet architect. At the age of 16,...


20 people

The DeNet core team has been developing the project since 2017. The team includes highly qualified titled developers (DevOps, Backend, Frontend), finance and marketing specialists.

In 2021 new experienced members joined the team: title holders of Olympiads and other programming competitions.

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